How we do it?

we’ll take you to a journey on how we create a product from earlier stage until finishing product.


The design team will propose conceptual drawings base on client’s need. This is where the creativity and long run experiences very challenging at these phase as we have to create an brilliant idea.

Processing Sketch and 3D Rendering

After conceptual drawing approved by superior and client, we’ll do some styling the idea to make “Seeing is Believing” before producing several prototype.


Prototyping is essential phase as we have to “Make it Believe” to ensure all idea is work properly before we go to the next step.

Production & Quality Control

When we satisfied with prototyping, the next step is mass production. At the production stage, the product must be follow the production step and quality controls step to make sure it worked as intended.

Check and Packing

All product must pass from tight quality checking, proper packing and shipping mark.


The goods will be treated with proper handling.