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Hotels & Resorts


25+ years of beautiful, quality products.

We do a lot.

Whether it’s quality and innovative hotel amenities you are looking for, the ability to customise products, or to engineer new products based on what your hotel needs, we are a dedicated and experienced team ready to craft your dreams with you.

Tea & Coffee Leatherette Display

Amenities & Products

Our array of hotel amenities and products to create beautiful, practical spaces in your hotel. 

ES Housekeeping Trolley

Product Engineering

Revolutionise your hotel system’s workability. Ideate, design and engineer products based on what your hotel needs and wants.

Portable Housekeeping Trolley

Product Customisation

One size fits one. Customise and craft amenities and products based on what your hotel needs and wants.

Our 4 Pillars

Created For You

One size fits one. 3Mutiara creates products and helps you find amenities according to what your hotel needs and wants, not the other way around.

Quality and passion driven

We love what we do. All our ideas are conceived and followed through with passion and consistent quality control, starting from picking out materials to manufacturing. 

Intelligent & sustainable engineering

We are a big believer in working smart. Our engineering processes are not only cutting-edge, but also efficient, sustainable and reliable. We consistently strive to minimise waste and cost, increase modularity and reusability, while optimising production time.

Out-of-the-box thinking

"No Problem" is our slogan. No matter how challenging the ideas are, we work to find ingenious and innovative solutions to meet what your hotel needs.

Keen on working with us?

We are too. our team is at your service.