Room Series

Room Series

Let your interior do the talking.

Our select, prime hotel room amenities and supplies, sorted thematically.

Modern Luxury

Who said anything about luxury having to be ornate and ineffective? Embrace functionality and simplicity with our lush, gorgeous products.

Marble Resin

From white glazed with smoky tones to intense black adorned with white fossil veins, bring primeval beauty to your hotel room amenities. 

Classic Sleek

Our choice timeless classic products that never fails to elevate your hotel room interior.

Simple Leathercraft

Manifest love and care in your hotel room interior through our premium handcraft leather products.

Patterned Leathercraft

The same signature quality leathercraft, patterned to bring more character into your hotel room products.

Natural Modern

Modern novelty hotel room products inspired and nuanced by shades and textures from nature.

Obsidian Black

Our favourite intense, handsome and all-black hotel room products.